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I pulled up Sharaku this morning and wondered why they had an octopus instead of a shark in the logo. Then I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, adjusted my morning boner and realized I’d read the title wrong. There’s no shark in the logo because there’s no shark in the name, but that doesn’t explain the octopus. The site’s full of Japanese-style art designed to make your dick hard, so go ahead and draw your own conclusions about the grabby cephalopod.


No, it’s not a tentacle porn site, and it ain’t even a typical hentai site either. uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality manga girls based on your own fantasies. They’re a young site, the domain registered at the very tail end of 2022, but it’s a young genre. I love anime babes and I’m a sucker for an interactive online adult experience, so naturally I couldn’t wait to see what this machine was capable of. Let’s check it out.



Designed with Hentai in Mind

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve got a rapidly expanding list of AI Porn Sites here at ThePornDude. They’ve been popping up like crazy over the last few months, and I ain’t lying when I say this is one of my favorite recent developments in the world of online porn. If you’re a fan of the stuff, you’ve probably been playing along and watching with me as the format evolves right in front of our eyes. These things just keep getting better and better.



Sharaku differentiates itself from the other guys right from the front page, with a focus strictly on anime-style illustrations. Most of the other sites will also create fake nudie pics. On the surface, it might seem like this is a downside. How could one format ever be better than two? Having reviewed a bunch of these sites and done my homework on how they work, I immediately started thinking about other, more positive implications.


Whatever type of material you’re generating, it’s important to train your AI well. Shitty results ain’t uncommon among the AI porn generators or among AI sites in general. Sometimes it’s a matter of bad input, or asking for things the horny android just ain’t capable of dreaming about yet. Sometimes, though, bad results are the product of poor training with limited source material. If Sharaku was skipping the “real” pics, hopefully they were putting more resources into training their hentai models. If so, this could mean higher quality output than other sites promising the same.


The sample pics out front certainly look good. If I didn’t know what was peddling, I would have assumed they were all hand drawn. The pics out front ain’t super high res, but even the hands and feet look good. A few months ago, those extremities looked deformed every time they came out of an AI generator/finger-crusher.


Of course, sample pics tend to be cherry picked to show off the best material. I don’t consider this misleading, as there’s usually some trial and error in the process as you build the hentai waifu of your dreams. Sharaku offers some free trial points to test drive their services, too, so you can witness firsthand what it’s capable of before whipping out your wallet. If you want to whip your dick out while you’re at it, that’s your business.



Free Credits and AI Hentai Premium Plans

Typically, these sites cut you off as soon as you burn through your allotment of free samples. It’s a cock tease worse than the two-bite snacks at Costco, sure, but it’s also a highly effective method of getting you to sign up for a paid account. bucks the trend, and will give you free credits just for watching ads. Maybe you won’t have to ask mom for a raise in your allowance after all, so go ahead and keep leaving your jizz socks on the floor. “My anime waifu doesn’t mind, mom! She likes the smell!”



If you want to make a ton of pics, a paid plain is your best bet. One of the interesting things about this platform is that the membership tiers seem to be entirely point-based, without any extra features for members shelling out more money. As far as I can tell, generation speeds are the same across the board, even for free members. More money just buys you more points.


You may use different amounts of points per pic, depending on what you’re generating, which I’ll cover here shortly. The cheapo Basic plan will run you five bucks for 700 points. At the other end of the spectrum, the $50 plan includes 12500 points. Prices haven’t equalized across the different AI porn sites yet, but Sharaku offers a solid bang for your buck relative to the competition. I’d recommend the $10 or $20 plan for most users.



How to Make an Imaginary Girlfriend

Once I had my account, it was time to have some fun. Sharaku uses a prompt-based generation system, similar to ones you’ve probably seen if you’ve been experimenting with AI porn. Type what you what you want to see into one box, and type anything you don’t want to see in the other box. I usually leave the second box empty unless the same things keep popping up in my results.



The main thing that separates the interface here from what you’ll find elsewhere is the choice of models. Most joints have a couple hentai models, a couple realistic models, and a couple that straddle the line between the two. Sharaku came through on one of my big, hopeful expectations here, because they’ve got a nice selection of anime models to choose from. There is a baker’s dozen of them as I type this up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this expands as the site continues to develop.


The art styles vary from model to model, with some being considerably more realistic than others but all within the realm of anime. For my first experiment, I chose the colorful Anime Model 8. In the prompt, I typed, “big-titted babe in black panties, on a bed, candlelight.” Then I hit the Generate Image button, spent 5 points and waited about 17 seconds.


I would have been thrilled if I payed some artist on Fiverr to draw my request and it came out this hot. drew my big-titted babe in black panties, on a bed with candles around her, adding in some details like a lace corset, nylons, and a sexy, seductive face.



Filthier Results Than I Was Expecting

Another feature Sharaku has that you don’t typically find elsewhere is a Pose menu. It’s still in beta and there are only a few poses available, but it should work a little better than just describing a pose and hoping the robot brain knows what you’re talking about. There aren’t any really explicitly dirty poses yet, no doggystyle or blowjobs, but the current set could easily lead to some fapworthy creations.



I was particularly drawn to the squatting, spread legs pose. I selected it from the dropdown menu, along with a more detailed anime model than I’d used earlier. “MILF on sidewalk, big ass, wet pussy,” I typed into the Prompt. This time, my creation costed me 7 points, but it took the same 17 seconds.


The scene Sharaku created is even dirtier than the one I’d asked for. It’s got not one, but two big-assed MILFs with pussies dripping on the sidewalk. Both are bottomless, booties toward the camera, with one squatting right beneath the other’s gushing cooter. The chick on the bottom does have a deformed hand that seems to disappear beneath her friend’s ass cheek, but that’s the only obvious sign that this is an AI-generated image.


I left my settings the same and hit the Random Phrases button, which jizzed a whole big-ass wad of filth into the Prompt. Seventeen seconds later, I had a strange but sexy pic of two anime girls lying in bed together, legs agape. They seem to be sharing a head, in a much different way than pornstars usually do. is a lot of fun to play with, and perhaps more importantly, the imaginary drawings it cranks out are sexy as hell. This one’s an easy recommendation for AI porn fans who love the format but prefer hentai over realism, and who would like to see more anime options available. Aside from the fast generation, high-quality imagery and the freebies, I’d say the thick selection of anime models is going to be the biggest draw here. If nothing else, I’d cash in on those free points to see how well the machine imagines your own fantasies.

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