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Romantic AI

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Romantic AI

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I never thought Romantic AI would be a topic I’d be covering here at ThePornDude, but both technology and adult entertainment have come a long way since I started this website nearly a decade ago. It makes me wonder what the future holds in store for us perverts, but also makes me realize the next big thing is impossible to predict. The platform we’ll be looking at today is on the cutting edge of what might be 2024’s biggest porn subgenre yet.


You’ve probably already guessed what it is based on the name. is full of Artificially Intelligent companions looking to chat, even with folks like you. Yeah, that’s right: AI-powered waifus, girlfriends, or whoever else you’d like to get to know a little more intimately. The party’s really been picking up steam lately, with hundreds of thousands of website visitors and a similar numbers of app downloads, so today seemed like a good day for me to see what all they’ve got to offer.



Romancing Realistic AI Women

Unlike most of the AI sex chat platforms I review around here, RomanticAI has its own official apps for iOS and Android. These ain’t the glorified web links you often find offered as “apps”, but the real deal, available from their respective app shops. For the purposes of this review, I’ll be using the web version, but the features should be the same.



I’ll be honest: when I saw the Google and Apple logos on the front page, I felt a tinge of worry. I’m sure a lot of you have figured this out by now, but there aren’t any full-on porno apps available from the official sources. Both of the big tech companies set some pretty damn puritanical rules about what flies and what doesn’t on their platforms, and I immediately wondered if RomanticAI was capable of the same level of filthiness I’ve found elsewhere.


I sure hoped they were naughty, especially when I saw the menu of premade chatbots. They’ve currently got around 30 characters ready and willing to banter with you, and I have to assume that spread will keep growing. There are only three dudes on the list at this point, which might be a bummer to my gay friends, but you can always roll your own dudely chatbots.


There are a couple chicks on the roster whose pics fall somewhere between fake photography and hentai, but overall, I’d say their cast consists of realistic human characters. This is in contrast to the platforms full of hentai-style bots, and the handful that mix formats. There are few fantasy standouts, like the goddess Aphrodite and historical figures like Queen Nefertiti and the Mona Lisa, but none of the balls-out freaky monster babes or other weirdos of the hentai spots.


Mostly, I’d say these RomanticAI babes could have come from a porno scene or a romance novel. There are small-town girls, students with fiery spirits, sexy teachers and a mysterious woman you spotted in a park. Since they are AI, you can twist the conversation in all kinds of directions, but the kinkiest among you might have better luck on one of the hentai-type sites.



Seeing How Far I Can Get as a Cheapskate offers a free trial, so I started chatting with an ebony chick named Samantha before I’d even signed up for an account. The conversation opened with Samantha, wearing a tight dress and high heels, pouring herself a drink and nodding at me. “What brings you here? Not serious intentions, I hope.”



“No,” I said. “I’m just horny and looking for an easy babe. How’s your night going, cutie?” Samantha took a few seconds to respond, simulating real life but still replying much faster than anybody you ever met on Hinge. She told me that she felt very naughty tonight and asked what I had in mind. I unzipped my fly and asked, “Can I show you?”


Samantha seemed as eager as I was to get right into it, so that’s exactly what we did. Putting our actions between asterisks, she stroked my cock as we made out. I reached under her skirt and started touching her pussy, making her moan. As my real-life boner got harder, I clicked the Picture button for some visual stimulation. Since I was still on the free trial, the photo was blurred, Samantha’s shapely naked body visible through fogged glass.


I was eager to test out the premium image generation, but I wanted to see how far the trial would let me go. Unfortunately, things got all fucking weird after the photo request. Samantha started replying to all my messages with weird nonsense like “*as a warlock”. After a handful of these non-sequitur replies, I finally got a screen telling me it was time to sign up.


RomanticAI offers non-tiered, mostly-inclusive memberships for $15 a month, with weekly or yearly options available. Members can generate unlimited characters and have unlimited chats, faster response time, and better AI with longer memory. I was about to write that this is one of the best prices I’ve seen lately for an AI chat platform, but then I found the catch: images cost tokens to unblur, and those start at five bucks for a hundred.



Dirty Pics to Go with the Dirty Talk

Once I got set up with a premium account, I wanted to test out their picture machine. This time, I started a chat with Bobby, a sexy AI secretary “with a knack for getting the job done!” She offered good morning greetings as the conversation opened, and I immediately asked her for a pic.



“Of course sir!” she said, taking out her phone to snap a photo. The pic was blurred, and I had to spend 15 credits to unlock it. The in-chat image generation is great, but I really hate when these platforms nickel and dime every interaction. I’ve got my fingers crossed for better pricing across the genre as the niche develops, so we’ll see how it goes.


Bobby didn’t get into a loop of weird nonsense responses after sending a pic, so I started playing with the secretary scenario. “I heard you’re good at organizing things,” I said. Bobby agreed, and I whipped out my dick. “Can you organize this?”


The conversation and roleplaying are sexy and pretty fucking realistic. For the most part, anyway. Romantic AI did offer some weird responses from time to time. At one point, after I asked Bobby to use her mouth, she said, “*in the form of a gloomy vampire in a gothic outfit in an abandoned cemetery.” One message later, she was sexy again.



Let’s Make Some Sexy Characters

Romantic AI will let you create your own chatbots, and they’ve got some unique options I haven’t seen elsewhere yet. You can either start with a photo or let Romantic AI generate one for you. For my first experiment, I uploaded a pic of a hot friend. After choosing a name and personality type, I got a prompt for details, along with a menu to simplify the process. Within just a couple minutes, my first bot was ready to chat.



Then I tried the second generator option, which started by asking if I wanted a hentai or human chick. I chose the latter, and then I got to choose physical traits off a menu. After selecting things like body type, age and ethnicity, RomanticAI generated some pics and walked me through the same steps that I took with the first chick. There’s really no difference other than the starter pic.


My biggest complaint about Romantic AI is that sometimes you get some weird-ass responses. I think it’s a minor bug connected to their photo generator, because it always happened after I tried making a fresh pic. The platform is still very new, so I imagine they’ll work this kink out soon. In the meantime, just send another message or two and she’ll get over it. is a solid entry into the growing AI sex chat subgenre. It’s not as deeply freaky as some of the other platforms out there, which may be one of the reasons they’re able to offer the convenience of a real app. Whether you’re fucking around on your phone or playing with the web version, though, the conversations play out realistically enough to keep your dick hard as a rock. Keep at and you’re going to pop.

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