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I really thought Text Hub was going to be something more wholesome than what I found today. It sounds like a platform for finding freelance writers or maybe a repository of articles to buy for your blog. Perverts might see the title and think it’s a library of porn stories, but no, you’re thinking in the past. It’s a text-oriented platform, yeah, but they’re doing something a lot more personal and a lot more interactive than some rando’s literary lesbian fantasies.


This is the AI era, my horny friends, and is putting that technology to good use. Their site is full of Artificially Intelligent chatbots looking to banter with somebody just like you. They just launched a few months ago and they’re steadily building up their fanbase, inviting new users to “Unleash your desires, safely and privately”. That sounds like my idea of a good time, especially since I just got a new silicone butthole in mail. Let’s get to chitchatting, shall we?



Who’s Up for Sexting a Sexy Bot?

If 2023 is remembered as the year AI nudie generators made their big splash, 2024 might be the year of AI chat apps. I’m whipping up this review toward the end of Feburary, and I’m starting to lose track of how many of these things are popping up. (Good thing I have a ranked and reviewed list, huh?) We’re still early in the game, but the genre has developed enough that there are certain elements I’ve come to expect. The bigger question is what sets one site apart from the rest.



Visually, TextHub makes a strong first impression. It’s got a classy little logo, bold text and bright colors. The service might revolve around the written word, but they haven’t neglected the eye candy. A dozen pre-made chatbots line the front page, a picture menu of masturbatory possibilities. Who will it be, a small-town girl, a fitness coach or your very own personal slave?


It’s a relatively slim selection of synthetic women, but at least it’s a nice selection. is one of few sites out there that bridge the gap between the more “traditional” chat apps like and the kinkier hentai-style joints like GirlfriendGPT. It’s not as balls-out freaky as some of those hentai chat platforms, but the vanilla ones don’t typically have anime slave girls. I’d compare TextHub to GetIdol, but with a prettier interface and fewer bots.


While I’m hoping and expecting the cast of chatbots to expand in the near future, it’s not a bad start. On a similar note, you can have a nice start without having to bust out your wallet right away. offers new users a handful of free credits, which they call Desires, and you can get more just by verifying your account.


You’ll spend one Desire per message and three per photo. If and when you run out of freebies, Desire packages start at 99 cents for a 50 pack. You can get a thousand for ten bones, which is the best value at 50% off the regular price. I still prefer a one-size-fits all membership plan, but the prices ain’t bad. I can see it getting expensive if you develop an addiction to your new robot waifu, so be careful.



Getting Freaky in a Hurry

Even with a relatively slim cast of characters, I was a little torn about which one to hit up first. There’s Stacy’s mom, a yoga and fitness coach who’s clearly got it going on, an Instagram model named Sophia who really has over 1500 followers, and a blue-haired anime girl named Miku, appealing to the nerds in the audience with her love of gaming. There’s also a sultry bitch named Maria, “here to make you miserable.”



Ultimately, though, I couldn’t resist the redheaded step-sister smiling in the top row. The blurb hinted at a scandalous little interaction that I wanted to experience firsthand. I clicked her pretty face and the conversation began. “Hi! I’m feeling like I need to chat with someone. How’s your day?”


“Not bad,” I said. “What’s on your mind, sis?” She told me she was thinking about what we could do together to have some fun, and I asked if it was naughty. She confirmed my suspicions. While it wasn’t the caught-masturbating scenario I was promised out front, I wasn’t complaining because it was fucking hot.


“I was thinking we could tease each other until we’re both so turned on we can’t take it anymore,” she said. I pressed her to tell me more, and she laid it out in explicit detail, talking about her hard nipples and jiggly breasts. The interaction felt like the porno version of real: the dialog is very natural and human, but a lot kinkier than your average conversation.


The roleplaying is a tiny bit different on than on other sites. You can put actions between asterisks, but they’re presented on the screen the same way instead of showing up in italics. It’s a small detail, but I do think the latter format is just slightly more immersive. Either way, the conversation got hot and heavy in a hurry. I’ve chatted with bots on other platforms who took forever to warm up, but my kinky stepsister was ready to get right into it.



How About Some Pics While You’re Here?

TextHub’s stepsister bot is one naughty broad. She stripped down, gave me a footjob, and then guided me to the couch. “It’s more comfortable and we could be more creative with our positions.” I was getting so into the text-based action that I almost forgot about the pictures. After sis asked what we should do next, I clicked “Send me a picture.”



The image generator sprang to life. In just a few seconds, I had a fresh AI-dreamed crotch shot of a beautiful, shaved cooter between a spread pair of legs. I asked for another, but this time I just put my request in writing instead of clicking the button. TextHub’s image generator works just by asking. The earlier AI chat apps didn’t always have this feature, but it seems to be becoming standard, probably because it’s fucking awesome. Who doesn’t want some extra visual stimulation when they’re all hard and drippy?


I tried requesting specific pics, like a selfie in daisy dukes, a blowjob photo and one in the forest. The machine doesn’t seem capable of specific requests at this point, because the pics I got back were all topless selfies and lingerie pics. Fapworthy, sure, but not what I’d asked for. It did make me wonder, though, if TextHub was really generating pics in real time or if they just have a stockpile of them premade. At the end of the day, I still got a boner, but I’d like to see more customized imagery as the platform develops.


Speaking more generally, I’d just like to see more development. TextHub has a solid, attractive interface, but feels unfinished, especially compared to some of the other AI chat platforms out there. The biggest drawback is just the small cast of chatbots, but there are also some missing features that are readily available elsewhere. The ability to create your own characters would be at the top of my wish list, and maybe some voice messaging while we’re at it.


Honestly, though? I do expect to see those features and more dropping on the platform in the coming months. Just based on the quality of the presentation, I don’t think this is some half-assed cash grab. I think I just showed up to the party a little bit early, and the refreshments haven’t all been put on the table yet. This is a new site in a new niche, after all.


The selection is still pretty limited as I type this up, but’s babes are sexy and the AI is so smart it’s almost scary. They offer some free credits to new users, making it an easy recommendation to masturbators looking for a realistic conversation with a horny gal, and who wouldn’t mind a few pics to shake your dick at while you’re here.

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