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Deloris AI

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Deloris AI

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I had high hopes for Deloris AI the moment I saw the title. Some might see a name like Deloris and think of an old lady knitting socks in a nursing home, but me? I think of the beautiful female body part it rhymes with. Anyway, it has a much better ring to it than Mulva AI, doesn’t it? With any luck, this website and the Artificial Intelligence within would be helping me explore my appreciation for vaginas in no time.


The tagling on the front page of promises to “make your dream character come to reality.” To do so, their AI turns your descriptions of babes into fapworthy pics. They’re a very new site living on a domain registered just a couple months ago, so I felt pretty hip getting inside before the big rush. The only question was, how does it compare to some of the other AI porn generators out there? Read on, and I’ll tell you how my visit went today.



Getting to Know Deloris-AI

I’m writing this review in the beginning of March, 2024. My list of AI Porn Sites is one of the newest niches I’ve got ranked here at ThePornDude, and it’s already got nearly 70 sites listed. The niche has expanded and developed so much that I’ve had to add a section of AI Sex Chat Sites, and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of AI sites that are a good fit for my Premium Deepfake list. I’m assuming that you’ve probably experimented with at least a couple of these platforms.



This newfangled subgenre of adult content has developed so fucking fast that when I loaded up Deloris-AI’s front page, my first thought was, “This looks a few months old.” It honestly looks like one of the AI porn machines that started coming out right after the first wave of ugly, low-effort cash-grab sites. It’s not a bad presentation, but it’s so damn familiar I could have sworn I’d been here before. Truth be told, I immediately wondered if it’s run by the same folks who do SoulGen.


The tour area is pretty skimpy, just showing a couple of their AI-generated people and inviting visitors to Try It Now. The two sample pics have that uncanny realism that most of us has come to expect from the genre. They look like real people who have been photoshopped beyond perfection, all smooth skin and soft highlights. This is only half of what Deloris-AI’s can do; their android dreams up both realistic humans and hentai characters.


I clicked the Try It Now button and started playing with their generator, only to get cockblocked when I tapped Create. You’ll have to register an account with if you want to play, but the good news is they give new users some limited freebies to start with. Try not to burn through them before you blow your load!


One of the many similarities that made me think of SoulGen was Deloris AI’s pricing scheme. SoulGen has since moved on to a different model, but the setup here is almost exactly what SoulGen was rocking a few months ago. Credits start at $9.99 for 100 credits, which they hilariously list as a discount from $10. You do get better rates on bigger packages, but overall, it’s kind of pricey compared to some of the competition.


Paying users get faster image generations, like they do everywhere else, and also unlock the multitasking feature. There’s also a face-swapping tool that only Pro members can use. I’m still surprised more of these porn generators haven’t rolled in face swapping, because it’s such a killer feature. It was one of my favorite things about SoulGen, and one of the biggest reasons I was bummed out when they went SFW.



Ask and You Shall Receive

The earliest AI porn makers all used a strictly prompt-based interface: type your request in the box and receive a pic. Shortly after this, I started seeing similar platforms with a menu-based generation system instead, somewhat simplifying the process at the expensive of some versatility. rolls with a hybrid setup that’s been becoming more and more standard. You can type your request into the box, check keywords off the menu, or do both. It offers that clicky simplicity for the impatient, plus a lot more power for anybody who wants to take advantage of it.


I decided to start with a simple request in Deloris AI’s prompt. “Big titty brunette,” I began, adding, “Green eyes, topless, daisy dukes, sidewalk.” I left the Girl Style on the default Real Girl instead of the anime babe and hit the Create button.


It banged out my pic in about 15 seconds, and it looked beautiful. She ain’t wearing the little shorts I’d requested, but I’m not complaining about the little green panties. Deloris AI met the rest of my criteria, depicting a buxom, brown-haired hottie posing on the sidewalk with her tits out. If you’re familiar with the format, you’ll recognize it as AI imagery, though it’s definitely realistic enough to fool your grandpa.



But Can It Do Straight-Up Porn Pics?

I tapped the Recreate button, which copied my initial request back into the box. This time, I tweaked it for more nudity, deleting the “daisy dukes” and replacing them with a “shaved pussy”. Just for shits and giggles, I also uploaded a photo of a friend, so my AI chick would have her face.



Fiften seconds later, the babe’s cooter ain’t totally hairless, but it looks great. Again, I’ve got a fapworthy photo of a sexy babe in the sunshine on the sidewalk, only now she’s baring it all. I hit Recreate again and added “blowjob”.


The topless chick who Deloris AI delivered is sexy, sure, but she ain’t sucking dick. I tried a couple more sex acts and sexy poses, like doggystyle and spread legs, but to no avail. It seems like they haven’t fed their robot a steady diet of hardcore porno like some of the other platforms, because it didn’t seem to understand my request.


The menu of Actions in their generation interface seems to suggest this. The actions are all fairly wholesome, including Standing, Sitting, and Lying. Squatting or Kneeling can be interpreted as sexy, especially when you’re generating naked ladies, but some real sex poses would be a big upgrade.


These AI porn generators have been promising real porn for months now, and a lot of them are starting to deliver. just feels a little behind the curve in this respect. Hopefully they’ll catch up soon.



But Seriously, Is This Deloris-AI or SoulGen?

I hate to keep mentioning another site, but the similarities can’t be ignored. So many of Deloris AI’s design elements seem lifted directly from SoulGen. In a lot of ways, Deloris-AI feels like a very slightly upgraded version of the older platform that brings back the full-on nudes. From the design, to the pricing, to the interface and the output itself, it’s like masturbatory déjà vu.



Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sometimes a formula is replicated because it just fucking works, and yeah, it works here. Their robot can illustrate your fantasies with realistic or hentai imagery in a matter of seconds for much less than you’d have to pay an artist, a photographer or a model.


I think this platform has a lot of potential, but they are lagging behind in certain ways. For one, they really need to upgrade their set of actions to include some hardcore sex. I’d also like to see a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme instead of the pricey credits, especially when you can’t currently use those credits to make blowjob pics or anything.


For now, I recommend cashing in on those five freebies offers to new signups. That’ll give you a chance to see how sexy and realistic their output is, and you can also see if they’ve added any more explicit content since my visit today. These platforms, the technology and the niche itself are all evolving rapidly, so I fully expect to see some more features hitting Deloris AI soon. If they can make my dick hard, I’ll be back!

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