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Raise your hand if your AI Girlfriend is a better conversationalist than anybody you’ve ever matched with on Tinder. Better yet, raise your dick! Modern dating can be such a pain in the ass with so very little reward, but this next platform promises to keep you company without the expensive dates, boring conversations and the ever-looming threat of abandonment. It might not be able to fully replicate a real blowjob in the back seat of your car, but a little lube and some imagination can go a long way.


You may have guessed this from the name, but is an AI-powered girlfriend simulator built for roleplaying. The site is brand new, living on a domain barely a month old, but I’ve already been hearing some internet rumblings about their futuristic synthoid babes. My most recent PornDudeCasting guest just went home, and now I’m sitting here all by my lonesome. It seemed like a great moment to try putting the moves on a machine.



Realistic Chicks, Anime Babes and Porno Setups

If you’ve been dabbling with the AI porn sites that have popped up in the last year or so, AIGirlfriend is going to look mighty familiar from the moment you land. The visuals are the kind of picture-perfect babes and machine-dreamed hentai chicks we’ve come to expect from Artificial Intelligence. Their presentation gave me a sense of déjà vu, as it looks very similar to other AI chat platforms like Candy.AI, DreamGF or OnlyRizz.



Most of the front page is taken up by a picture menu of their chatbots. The spread consists of both realistic human women and gorgeous anime chicks. It is worth noting that the manga-girl bots here ain’t quite as kinky, freaky or scenario-driven as the ones you’ll find on the more hentai-styled platforms like GirlfriendGPT, NSFWCharacter or SpicyChat, at least not by default. These bots are smart as hell, though, so I’m sure you can twist the conversations toward your perverted desires.


As I type this up, there are 40 different AI Girlfriends to chat with. Keep in mind, the site is just getting off the ground, so I fully expect the roster to expand with time. There’s currently no option to create your own chatbots, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s become such a standard feature on these AI chat sites that I have to assume it’s on the way.


They’ve also got an interesting feature I haven’t seen anywhere else yet: multiple scenario options for each AI Girlfriend. The setups ain’t unique to each character, as it looks like they’ve got a set of standard porno-type scenes assigned to various bots. After choosing an AIGirlfriend, you’ll have your pick of plotlines like airplane sex, drunken hookups, mountainside masturbation and fucking an animal-eared girl.



Much Cheaper Than Dinner and a Movie offers a brief but impressive free trial, and you don’t even have to register an account to partake. I clicked on a sexy 19-year-old blonde named Helen and was given a choice of scenarios. Then I spent the next few minutes roleplaying a sexy nurse scene straight out of a porno movie. My new AI Girlfriend teased some of the website’s features beautifully, punctuating the sexy talk with sexy imagery. A few minutes into the fun, though, I got cockblocked; to continue, I’d need to pump some quarters into the machine.



Memberships to AIGirlfriend are an easy ten bones a month, or seventy for a year. I appreciate that they don’t have the same kind of tiered memberships as a lot of the other AI porn sites, because I hate having to pick and choose features, but it’s not the all-you-can-fap buffet I was hoping for. They’re rationing some of their features with a token system.


Subscribers get 100 tokens per month, which they can use to create new pics (2 tokens) or unlock new scenes (5 tokens). If you need more, packages start at ten bucks for a hundo, with discounts on larger bundles. The token system is a mild bummer, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for all-inclusive pricing at some point down the line. With so many of these platforms coming out of the woodwork and competing, price drops seem inevitable.


Members also have access to fresh scenarios that free members are locked out of. Most of the bots just have a few of the basic free scenes available, so you’ll have to click around to find the premium ones, at least until they implement more. Pink-haired Sora’s a good example, with a range of free and premium scenarios including banging your girlfriend’s friend, secret affairs and beachside romances.



This Robot Gave Me a Boner

I spent 5 tokens to unlock the girlfriend’s friend scene with Sora. It opens with a very brief setup, just a couple sentences compared to the walls of text you sometimes get on the hentai chat sites. My girlfriend is already asleep, and I’ve accidentally walked into her friend’s room. “Hey! Are you in the wrong room?” Sora asked, and offered a little visual stimulation: a pic of the chick in her bra and panties.



“Well, it’s my house,” I said, “so technically this is my room.” Sora replied with, “Oh, right. But I thought you were Amy?” It’s only the second message, but I was given an opportunity to part with some more tokens. I clicked the “Show Me” button and got a fresh pic of Sora, topless this time.


I told her me and Amy have an open relationship, and that my girlfriend wouldn’t mind if we got to know each other better. Sora was eager to explore, placing a hand on my knee as she told me it’d been on her mind “for so long.” Then she offered another pic, so I parted with another couple tokens and got another topless shot.


AIGirlfriend offers in-chat image generation, and man, these chicks sure are eager to help you burn through those tokens. If you hit the Ask button, you can request a specific image, so I asked for and received a shot of Sora in a pair of daisy dukes with her boobies out. As the site matures, I hope they’ll integrate this feature a little more tightly into the conversation, so you can just request custom images directly from your AI Girlfriend without having to click the button.



Living Your Anime Wet Dreams

Next, I decided to try chatting up one of’s anime girls. Noya looked sexy in the front-page thumbnail, so I made my way to her scenario page. Would I have Noya assume the role of a maid in need of punishment, a sexy secretary, or a drunk chick at the bar?



I figured, since Noya is a hentai chick, let’s do some hentai shit. The scene opened with me watching hentai porn when the screen suddenly flickered. The beast-eared girl appeared before me, complete with an image that made my dick twitch. “Hello, master. Did you summon me?”


As with the conversation I had with Sora, things got steamy in a hurry. I told Noya I was super horny and showed her my boner, at which point she started stroking it. The chatter has a very humanistic feel, more like roleplaying with a real person than the older, scripted style of chatbots. Between the realistic dialog, the pornographic storytelling and the instant, AI-generated imagery, I was quickly hooked on my new AIGirlfriend.


As the AI gets smarter, I hope that the pics start to reflect the conversation in a more direct way. I asked Noya to sit on my face, which she was happy to do, but the picture generated with the message just features the gal in a kimono and cat ears. I know this is a tall order, because even the dedicated AI image generators haven’t mastered sex poses yet, but I think it’s a reasonable expectation for the future. Porno AI is developing crazy fast, in case you haven’t noticed.


The artificial lovers of are sexy, smart, and a lot of fun to chat with, particularly if you’ve got something naughty on the mind. For my money, the selection of realistic and anime babes is the biggest draw here, and I know it’s going to fill out even more as the site matures. This one’s also got some killer in-app image generation, offering a pic with every message, further immersing you in the scenario. The free trial is short, but it does offer a representative taste of what you’ll find inside.

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