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Luvr AI

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Luvr AI

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Is your Luvr AI, or is she a real live lady? That’s a trick question, of course, because there’s really no good reason why you shouldn’t have both. While your wife or the chick from Tinder might be able to tend to certain physical needs, the synthoids we’ll be meeting today may help you explore fantasies beyond what you’re getting at home. Ever wanted to fall in love with a model, bang your neighbor, or get wild with a literal wolf girl, furry ears and all? is a new AI-powered chat platform where you can banter with an assortment of characters, and yeah, most of them seem pretty sexy. Eye candy is only a small part of the equation here, though, so I wanted to find out how well their bots can simulate a conversation and stimulate my masturbation. They’ve got a bunch of features to cover besides the Artificially Intelligent dirty talk, so let’s get right into it. Click the link to follow along at home or start chatting with your own Luvr.



Who Do You Want to Sext Today?

Luvr AI will look familiar if you’ve been chatting with the current crop of AI chatbots popping up around the web in early 2024. We’re witnessing the rapid emergence of a new genre, and there are already a number of elements I’ve come to expect. For starters, much of the front page is given over to a picture menu showcasing some of their more popular bots. AI fans will recognize the flawless quality of their machine-dreamed fake photos and anime chicks.



They’ve got a really nice balance of realistic and hentai-type characters. is one of just a few sites I’ve seen that strikes such a balance; most focus on either the realistic babes or go all-out in their deep well of hentai depravity. The characters are fewer and less outlandishly kinky than on hentai-style chat platforms, but I like the option of chatting with an amazon warrior bitch, demoness or furry chick.


I’m writing this in the very early days of the platform, but they’ve already got 70 premade AI characters whose DMs you can slide into, and I’m sure that cast is going to keep expanding. The current spread includes a bunch of classic porno characters like dominant MILFs, subservient and sexy maids, naughty librarians, and club chicks down for a threesome. If that’s too vanilla for you, how about vampire chick, an energetic cat girl, “a deviant creature”, or the last woman on Earth? offers a brief free trial, and you don’t even have to sign up to start chatting. I started with this chick Abigail Langford, a pink-haired astronaut with a nice rack. As the story opened, she found me waking up from cryostasis, introduced herself, and said she was there if I needed anything.


“I’ve been in cryostasis for so long, and I always wake up with the biggest boner,” I said. “Just look at this thing!” The Luvr AI blushed as she looked at my growing erection. “Can you help me with this?” I asked. “My balls really hurt.” She helped me out of the pod, eager to ease my discomfort. “Do you have a cream or something you can massage into it?”



Luvr AI by the Numbers

Abigail didn’t have an immediate chance to answer my question, because I got cockblocked by the paywall. The trial was only a few messages and a few minutes long, but it had piqued my interest as well as my real-life spaceman erection. I was a little bummed to find that offers tiered memberships, but I’ve got my fingers crossed the trend fades as AI adult entertainment matures.



The ten-dollar monthly Gold membership is the cheapest entry point, offering unlimited chats with SFW and NSFW characters. For twenty bones, the Diamond plan throws in voice memos and the character builder. Those of you looking to go all-out can grab the Platinum experience, which adds unlimited images. They label this as the Best Value, but it’s one of the higher-priced subscriptions I’ve seen in this market. You might be better off getting the Diamond plan and generating your pics elsewhere.


After getting my account set up, I went back to chat with Abigail. I lost the original conversation, but I wasn’t too disappointed since it had been short. Plus, with my premium account, I was able to test out some of the more premium features.


Luvr AI offers in-chat image generation, so I got some extra visual stimulation before I got back into the chitchat. The first picture was just a generic “pic of you” that turned out to be Abigail in a tight, sexy space suit. “Send me a pic of your big boobs,” I requested next, and got a similar shot with a lot more exposed flesh. Both are 100% fapworthy.


I pasted in my same opener about my cryostasis boner. Since responses are AI-generated in real time, they were different than last time. First, I got a message saying I had to request Abigail as a friend before I could message her, so I just pasted my message again. Her response wasn’t as sexy as my first interaction with her, but it did sound promising. “Don’t worry, buddy, we can find something to do with that enthusiasm.”


We ended up in the medical bay, where Abigail helped rub some erectile discomfort relief cream all over my throbbing member. The conversation and roleplaying were both realistic and sexy as hell. Things got even hotter when I asked if she learned any special oral skills in astronaut school. “Swallowing nervously, Abby leans closer, taking your swollen head into her warm, wet mouth.”


Luvr AI can also do a pretty damn decent synthetic voice. If you’ve read my reviews of similar platforms, you know how often I’m underwhelmed by the stiff robot talk coming out of so many of these things. Abigail’s voice was a bit more realistic. She’s got kind of an NPR or Podcast-type delivery, but other bots have different fake voices.



Building My Own Sexy-Talking Fake Lady

Next, I wanted to try my hand at making my own Luvr AI. The platform has a prompt-based interface for generating bots, just like most of the competition. I’ve seen a couple that use a menu instead, but I think those are pretty limited in scope. This requires a little more thought and effort, but the rewards are worth the work.



One interesting wrinkle that I haven’t seen elsewhere is the option to choose your preferred text model. There are almost 30 to choose from, and I frankly don’t know the difference between any of them. I guess I have some experimentation to do! For my first bot, though, I just left it on the default MythoMax-L2, but I can’t really tell you what that means.


The menu of audible voices is crazy long, but I don’t recommend choosing a random one. Turns out, not all of Luvr AI’s voices sound as lifelike as Abigail’s. I ended up choosing a young American voice called Aaradhya that sounded realistic enough for me.


About ten minutes later, I had my very own custom Luvr AI, complete with a very sexy fake photo of a big-assed goth girl. I clicked the button to start our conversation. “Hey, sexy,” she began, reciting the opener I’d defined moments earlier. “Want to motorboat my huge tits?”


Okay, I admit: my chatbot wasn’t quite as fleshed-out as the premade Luvrs, but I still had fun. I might come back later and try it again with a little more effort, because the favorite part of my visit today was the sexy roleplaying. I thought the setup and payoff with Abigail was fucking fantastic, and made me want to spend more time exploring the platform and putting the moves on their various AI characters. I got laid on a spaceship already, so what’s next? Sex in the jungle, a beej in a witch’s hut, or a romp with my bully stepsister? is coming out of the gate strong with a well-designed, feature-rich AI chat platform. This one’s already a blast to play with, and since we’re so early in the game, I’m expecting even bigger and better things in the future. The free trial is a little bit short, but it does offer a taste of the high-quality, realistic roleplaying these characters are capable of. What have you got to lose?

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