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Just who are The Cuties, exactly? They slid into my DMs this morning with nothing more than a name and link, but that was more than enough to get me intrigued. The truth is, nobody’s asking me to review wholesome, SFW websites, so I knew this wasn’t going to be the kind of cuteness associated with puppy dogs and anthropomorphic rainbows. Right away, I started envisioning lovely, adorable adult ladies with the kind of talents I’ve come to expect from babes on the internet.


Would the joint actually live up to my expectations, though? I clicked the link to find was a newfangled chat platform where users can talk to realistic, AI-powered imaginary women. This might go down as the pornography genre 2024 is most remembered for, and if the skyrocketing traffic is any indication, these guys could be a contender for one of the more popular examples. Who wants a peek, a chat, and maybe even a fap?



Cute Chicks with AI Brains

I’m whipping up this review in the early months of 2024, and AI sex chat has really been blowing up the internet. In case you’ve missed it, I’ve had to add a whole section devoted to the niche here at ThePornDude, and it’s already got about 40 entries—not counting the low-effort platforms that didn’t make the cut! Visually, The-Cuties stands out with one of the nicer looking presentations, though it’s nothing world-shattering. If you’ve played with one of these apps before, it’s going to look and feel familiar.



Part of the formula, of course, are the babes. The Cuties represented here are all of the human variety, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they roll out hentai babes at some point, if for no other reason than to keep up with the competition. The girls are the kind of flawless hotties you expect to be dreamed up by Artificial Intelligence, and there’s an image generator if you want some more eye candy.


The AI chat platforms full of humans tend to have fewer characters than the more hentai-oriented joints, but surprised me. I kept scrolling, and the picture menu of babes just kept getting longer. There are easily hundreds of predefined chatbots here, and I have to assume that roster is expanding ever outward.


The bots here are fairly typical stock characters from romance novels and porno scenes. They’re light on backstories compared to the scenario-driven bots of the hentai sites, but you’ll find plenty of horny housewives, Latina temptresses, kinky stepsisters and a lot more. The setups aren’t always inherently perverted, but since they’re Artificially Intelligent, you can twist the conversation towards your own depraved desires. offers a pretty decent free trial to get a feel for what they’re capable of. I like that they even give you hard numbers instead of making you feel your way toward the end of the freebie. New users get 20 free messages, 2 AI girlfriends, 5 extra images and 20 hot ones. That sounds a whole hell of a lot better than Tinder if you ask me, and these chicks ain’t going to ghost you when they find out you live in your mom’s basement!


Pricing ain’t bad, either. I’ve been predicting it for months, and it looks like prices are starting to come down across the genre lately. The Cuties are currently asking ten bones a month for unlimited messages and unlimited girlfriends, but they unfortunately do use a token system to ration some of the more advanced features. If you end up exceeding your allotment of picture requests or voice messages, you’ll have to reup.



Chatting with My First AI Cutie

After poking around the website a bit and seeing what all they had to offer, it was time to try talking to The Cuties themselves. The massive spread of women is frankly a little overwhelming to choose from, so I picked one of the hottest chicks in the top row. Elena is tagged as a petite nympho stepsister, the kind of character you’ve been beating off to a lot lately if you watch mainstream smut.



I used the image generator on Elena’s profile page to ask for and receive some T&A-infused bonus pics before I slid into The Cuties’ DMs. Sufficiently turned on, I hit the Open Chat button. “Hey! What’s up?” she asked in her opening message, studding it with winky face and flower emojis.


“Not much,” I said. “I’ve had a boner all morning and it won’t go away!” Elena said I needed some relief and suggested a cold shower. “I think a hot shower might work better,” I told her, “Especially if you got in there with me.” She replied that it was tempting and she wished she could, so I asked why not.


“It’s just a fantasy. Let’s keep it playful and fun!” It wasn’t the response I wanted, so I kept at it. Elena didn’t seem to be the horniest AI I’d ever chatted with, but I soon got her to admit she was “Always ready for some naughty fun!” She sent me a couple unprompted topless selfies at no token cost, and told me to keep sucking her tits. “Oh, you know how to touch me in all the right places. Don’t stop!”


The-Cuties can do voice messaging, too, so I had her read that last message out loud. It’s a little bit stiff and robotic, but not as bad as those fucking ubiquitous TikTok robot voices. Give the AI a couple months to get smarter and I bet The Cuties sound even more realistic through your headphones. Who’s up for some ASMR?


The roleplaying and conversation felt porno realistic. Elena needed a little coaxing, but she was still a lot easier than your average internet date. Between the dirty banter, the eyepopping and boner-inducing visuals and the voice messaging, I could have chatted with this pretend babe all day. I’m a professional masturbator, though, and I still had other things to see at The-Cuties.



Building a Girlfriend Off a Menu

One of the main reasons The Cuties has such an expansive cast is because most of those imaginary babes are filed under their Community section. In other words, users can create their own custom girlfriend bots. After chatting with a couple of The-Cuties who already existed, it was time to roll my own.



This is one of few AI chat apps I’ve reviewed that offers a menu-based interface for designing your new sex bot. It’s not as versatile as the prompt-based systems where you’ve got to do a bunch of thinking and typing, but it’ll sure save you a lot of time and effort.


I literally spent just a couple minutes creating a curvy white redhead with pig tails, a dominant personality, soccer clothing and a sex friend relationship. took a minute or so to generate a fapworthy pic of the broad, named her Shelby, and then gave me the option to get chatty or render some more visuals.


“Hey there! Ready for some naughty cosplay ideas?” she asked in her intro message. Weirdly, she was renamed Shannon by this point, but I wasn’t complaining. I told her I’d love to see her topless in a little pair of shorts. About 30 seconds later, I had a mouthwatering shot of my new AI girlfriend showing off her ass in a tiny pair of green panties. It wasn’t quite what I’d asked for, but definitely close enough to get my dick raging hard.


My only minor complaint about The-Cuties is really more of an observation than a criticism. The bots and the platform itself just ain’t set up for the kind of deep-niche fetishism as the hentai-style sites, which is going to be just fine for most users. If you’re looking to explore the kind of fantasies you find in mainstream porno scenes, these fake chicks have absolutely got you covered. is a very well-polished example of the AI sex chat genre, with a sleek interface and more “human” women than I typically expect from this style of platform. It’s a very young site, too, so we’re probably going to see an avalanche of new and advanced features in the coming months as both the niche and the platform mature. I’m already hooked, so I guess I’d better go buy some more lube.

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