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BasedLabs has a cool name, but I didn’t realize how based these labs were until I actually took the time to start exploring. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve all sorts of magic, but there’s nothing inherently naughty out on the front page—certainly nothing pornographic! That said, you know your old buddy NoLimitsFun wouldn’t be writing about the joint today if it weren’t worth a pump or two of lube. So, what kind of perverted secrets are they hiding in the laboratory?


I’m not going to go into detail about all the AI-powered features available on, which range from image upscaling to voice generation to automated paragraph writers. No, you know what kind of stuff I’m into, which is why I’m focusing today on what might be the platform’s sexiest service: it can turn your mental fantasies into fapworthy nudie pics. These guys have seen skyrocketing traffic lately, and I have to wonder how many of those visitors are stopping by with dicks in hand. That’s how I’m rolling today, so bear with me—it’s hard to type like this.



Getting Based with Based Labs

The Based Labs website has a completely different setup than almost any of the other AI sites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. The biggest, most immediately noticeable difference is that they haven’t devoted the front page to getting your dick all hard and drippy. There’s a killer spread of colorful, impressive images their machine has spat out, but it’s pretty SFW fare like Pokemon, frog wizards and castle landscape scenes.



I started exploring a bit. Their Apps page showcases a lot of what their AI is capable of, and the variety is genuinely more impressive than what I’m used to with the more adult-oriented platforms. This thing can seemingly do almost everything, from generating music to hairstyles to coloring books. If you’re a pervert like me, though, you’ll notice what ain’t listed on the Apps page.


Speaking as a guy who’s always horny and often willing to spend money on smut, I think it’s weird how hard makes it to find their porn generator. You’ll need to look on the AI Tools page, listed in tiny text in the footer, or just use my link to skip straight there. They’re almost certainly losing potential customers who don’t think the site has anything for them. If you stop by with a boner and don’t see boobies, there’s a good chance you’ll point your browser elsewhere.


You’ve got to sign up for an account before you can do anything, but the good news is they offer a handful of free credits to new users. They say the average creation takes 4 to 6 credits and you only start with 15 freebies, but I found I was able to generate pics for just a couple credits a pop. Just keep an eye on your wallet so you don’t burn them all up too fast!


Membership to BasedLabs is credit-based, but I was happy to see they don’t offer different features for different prices. The Creator package offers 1000 credits for $15 a month, or the Pro bundle offers 3600 for a little under forty bones. In either case, credits roll over to the next month, so you don’t have to worry about spending them all before you’re ready.



Let’s Generate Some AI Titties

I’ve been reviewing AI porn generators since they first started popping up all over the internet last year. In case you’ve missed it, my list of AI Porn Sites here at ThePornDude has over 70 entries ranked and reviewed so far. Having watched the technology and the niche evolve, I was a little bit surprised to find that uses a prompt-based interface for their generator.



The earliest AI porn generators all worked on a simple prompt. These sites were followed by menu-based systems, but more recently, it’s become more or less standard to integrate both formats so users have the option of simplicity or power. Based Labs is an outlier in this respect, but I suspect they’ll eventually have a nice menu of sexy prompts to work with. They have a well-designed Prompt Library, but it isn’t much use to perverts yet, since it’s all SFW examples.


If you’ve used one of these platforms before, this will all be familiar. Besides the prompt and negative prompt, you’ve also got your pick of a nice selection of AI models. They’ve got realistic models, anime models, and ones that fall fantastically somewhere in between. For my first experiment, I left it set on the default RealVisXL V4.0 model, which was designed with photorealism in mind. “Bar scene, brunette with big boobs, topless, cowboy boots, daisy dukes,” I typed.


Then I hit the Generate button and waited. Well, that’s not quite true; there wasn’t much waiting, because the pic was ready in just a couple seconds. Based Labs bangs out high-quality nudes almost instantly. It only costed me a single credit, too, so it looks like my membership is going to go far.


In terms of AI porn evolution, is noticeably faster than earlier entries into the genre. It’s not just the speed that blows my mind, but the quality of the imagery. There’s a certain perfection that gives away my fresh nude as an AI-generated pic, but it doesn’t have any of the common deformities I used to see on the daily. Her hands look just fine, and her tits look spectacular.



Testing Out the Based Capabilities

At the top of the Based Labs NSFW generator is a rare feature that I was excited to play with as soon as I noticed it. You can upload your own input images to start with, so I fed the machine a pic I’d snapped of Nickey Huntsman when she visited me over at PornDudeCasting. She’s wearing nothing but a smile, a pair of panties, and an official PornDude tee-shirt.



I wanted to see even more flesh, so when Nickey’s picture appeared in the editor, I added a new prompt. “Bedroom scene, naked brunette, big tits,” I wrote, then clicked the button to Add a New Batch of Images. Seconds later, I had a fresh set of 4 AI-generated nudes.


My new pics are sexy and I’m planning on whacking off to them after I finish whipping up this review, but honestly? I’m not sure exactly how BasedLabs has integrated Nickey’s pic into the new imagery. I was hoping to see her face recreated or something, but they may as well be entirely new pics. Hopefully as the technology develops, it’ll be able to make pics more clearly inspired by the source material.


Seeing Nickey took me back to that afternoon of fucking and sucking, though, and I suddenly had another idea. I went back to the BasedLabs generator and tried a new request: “sexy blonde chick, naked, blowjob”. I spun the wheel a few times, swapping out the blowjob for doggystyle and then anal. Each time, I got a nice nudie pic, but no sex. It looks like the BasedLabs AI just hasn’t been trained on hardcore material, but hopefully we’ll see that coming along in the future.


Given how powerful their entire website is, from the range of AI services to the nudie generator itself, I’d be extremely surprised if the site didn’t keep developing and adding in new features. Full-on porn pics are getting more common on the other sites, so it seems only natural that they’ll end up here, too. I also expect a fuller range of adult AI toys to play with, bringing your creations to life in ways you haven’t even dreamed of yet. offers some of the fastest high-quality pics I’ve seen blasted out of an AI porn generator yet. Their pricing is considerably better than some of the other options out there, too, so I’d recommend this one to masturbators who like to generate a shitload of pics while they’re jacking off. Don’t just take my word for it, though. The free credits will show you exactly what their instant nudie maker can do.

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