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Unstable Diffusion

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Unstable Diffusion

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The Discord server for Unstable Diffusion has been getting a ton of fucking action lately, owing to the explosive popularity of AI generated pornography. Even just a year ago, the power to instantly create custom erotica seemed like a futuristic wet dream. Well, my friends, welcome to the fucking future—emphasis on fucking!


The Unstable Diffusion AI model is based on the same technology driving the better-known Stable Diffusion, only this one’s being designed specifically for NSFW content. You know: porn. The powerful image generation AI is still in closed beta as I type this up, though I bet you’ve been seeing more and more of its output floating around on the web. Today, I’ll be checking out the Discord server dedicated to this emerging masturbatory technology.


Website Closed? Check Out the Discord!

If you’re a regular around here at ThePornDude, you know I don’t usually write up full reviews of Discord servers. Usually if I mention Discord at all, it’s because the site I’m reviewing has a thriving community built around it. That’s certainly the case here, because this joint is hopping. I’m lurking on a Friday afternoon, and there are a good 44,000 out of 280,000 members online right now.



It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers evolve as Unstable Diffusion picks up steam. I think part of the reason for the server’s popularity is just the accessibility of the thing. Click the link and they’ll just let you right in, which can’t currently be said about the official Unstable Diffusion website. Even the official Patreon is under review right now.


The only other open, public space on the subject is r/unstable_diffusion over on Reddit. Reddit’s usually the go-to spot to discuss anything, but they’ve only got 300 members online right now. Honestly, the numbers just made me more excited to check out the Discord and see what’s going on in there.


If you’re new to, no worries. Signup is quick, easy and free. I’ve actually been having some minor issues with my Discord account recently, so I went ahead and just made a new one today. It’s the same process as it is anywhere: give them a username, a password and an email address, and then click the validation link when they send it to you. It shouldn’t take longer than a minute, and that’s only if you’re a slow typer.


The first thing you’ll see when you connect to the Unstable Diffusion server is a welcome message and a set of rules. The regulations are about what I expected, limiting usage to adults and prohibiting underage content, gore, and acting like a fucking asshole. They don’t allow AI content based on real people, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that kind of deepfake tomfoolery.


You can abide by these, right? The rules are pretty much the standard set of regulations you’ll find anywhere else, and just like anywhere else, they’ll ban you if you break them. Before you’re allowed to go play with the rest of the class, you’ve got to check the box saying you’ve read the rules and agree with them.


Welcome to Unstable Diffusion

One of elements that has made so popular as a chat platform is the scalability of the system. I’ve seen Discord servers with just a handful of users online, and others with thousands. The 44k AI porn fans online right now would make for a cluttered, confusing experience were it not for how well they’ve organized the server.



Fortunately, they don’t have all 44k members shoved into the same chat room. The server is broken down into sections like Information, Main, SFW Area and Technology Discussion, which are further broken down into individual chat rooms. You’ll definitely want to start in the section labeled Start Here. That’s where you’ll set some basic preferences, and unlock the NSFW section with a click. If you don’t see any porn, this is the step you fucked up.


Even if you’re not planning on having any conversations or sharing any pics, the Discord server offers the best introduction to Unstable Diffusion that I’ve seen anywhere. I’m not going to rehash the whole thing here and get into the technical stuff, but they lay it all out with enough detail that those with a little bit of technical aptitude can jump right in and start creating their own AI porn.


That said, I know most of you probably ain’t going to be generating images on your own laptops anytime soon. I expect the apps to get more accessible to the general public, but it currently requires at least some level of nerdism. If you have a Reddit account, you’re probably golden, but if not, ask your grandkids for help.


There’s also an Unstable Diffusion Discord server bot that can generate images for you. Unfortunately, it was down when I visited today, but they fill the hole by offering a handful of similar resources you can make use of. I’ve been having a fucking blast with these things lately, generating armies of big-boobed MILFs and long-legged college sluts, and it took all of my available willpower to keep writing this review instead of making more fake nudes.


Talking AI Tech and Whacking Off

I briefly checked out the latest Announcements before making my way to the General chat room. With so many users, I was worried it’d be fucking chaos, but I found a reasonably paced conversation about generating AI porn. The strength of the community was apparent right away, because all the newbies were getting their questions answered right away. If you’ve been having trouble understanding AI smut generators, these helpful geeks would be happy to teach you a thing or two.



On the other end of the intelligence spectrum, the Discord’s also a goldmine for the smarty pants big brains in the audience. They’ve got a whole set of chat rooms devoted to Technology Discussion, diving deep into such esoteric pornography sciences as Model Merging, Textual Inversion, Game Dev and Programming.


I am but a humble professional masturbator, adult content reviewer and the big-dicked stud of PornDudeCasting. My expertise lies in the world of jacking off and banging women, not in that high-level geek stuff. I respect and admire it, but for my purposes, I was more interested in the NSFW Area of the Unstable Diffusion Discord.


That’s where you’ll find a ton of AI-generated nudes and porn being shared in real time. The General-NSFW room sees a new image or two every minute. As I write this, somebody just posted their freshly minted images of a topless space princess waifu. By the time I finished that last sentence, somebody else had posted an anime cat girl with her boobs out in the snow.


There are around twenty different sections, catering to a variety of porn subgenres and styles. There are rooms full of Women, Men, Furries and Genderqueer AI models, for starters, plus Softcore, Hardcore, BDSM and a special place for the ever popular NSFW anime. There aren’t a ton of posts in the Animations section, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it as the technology continues to evolve. This is only going to get better, folks!


I’ve been reviewing a fair number of AI porn generators lately, and one thing that struck me about Unstable Diffusion is the diversity of its output. Most of the other generation engines out there only have a style or two they specialize in. Today, I lost count of how many different styles of fake art and synthetized photography I saw.


It’s hard to comprehend just how far these AI porn generators have come in such a short time. They seemed to pop up out of nowhere only recently, but I swear, they’re getting a little better every single day. Unstable Diffusion is one of the more promising examples of the technology, though the official website still ain’t open to the public as of this writing. The Discord will help you get in on the ground floor with a bunch of pervy geeks who are enjoying it all just as much as you are.

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