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Swipe Fap! These days, we’re all living lives that are increasingly busy. Between work and family, it can be hard to find sufficient time to dedicate to porn marathons. Shit, I bet many of you can remember dedicating ten hours or more to one porn-viewing session and now find yourselves lucky to get an hour to yourself.


Yep, while the days of watching 2+ hour plus porn movies from start to finish might be few and far between, there’s still a light at the end of the horizon. These days, we’re seeing a growing number of XXX sites on the scene that cater to short-form porn clips presented in a style similar to social media platforms like TikTok.


These ultra-modern porn sites allow you to consume an insane amount of smut in short intervals and take your cock on the adventure it deserves via short, sharp porn clips that really pack a sexual punch. Well, that’s how it’s all supposed to work in theory. But, as always, not everything is that simple.


I’ve been exploring as many of these new platforms as I can in recent months. While I’ve found a tonne of sites that can provide a wild porn adventure, I’ve also encountered many that are utterly shit-tier and offer you more of a nightmare experience rather than a porn dream come true.


Luckily for you, I’ve also been taking names! I’ve been reviewing all of these sites in detail to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of shitty platforms and instead find the kind of elite-tier smut that you and your smut-hungry genitals deserve. This brings us to the topic of today’s review as we get ready to dive into a porn site called!


Firstly, what is it?



What is

From the moment you arrive at the homepage of, you’ll no doubt be reminded of the global social media platforms like TikTok. This is an adults-only platform that presents short porn clips in a format that allows you to swipe through them at high speed, like, share, and comment on them.



It’s also algorithm based, so your porn viewing choices are primarily in the hands of the platform itself and based on the kind of XXX stuff you’ve responded positively to in the past. Are you curious to see what kind of porn this platform had to offer my filthy mind? Keep reading to find out the answer!



What’s the Short-Form Porn Like on

From TikTok-style porn to XXX content from OnlyFans girls, there’s a broad mixture of porn that can be thrust in your face when browsing through But to give you an example of the kind of smut you can expect to find on this site, allow me to take you on an adventure through the highlights I encountered!



● The TikTok Slut’s Workout! – If you’re going to be a TikTok star, it’s essential to stay in shape. Luckily, this proud slut has the perfect workout to do so. This short but sweet porn clip shows her doing sit-ups with a difference. Every time she lifts her upper body up, her mouth meets her fuck buddy’s hard cock to motivate her. Then, when she has completed all of her sets, he rewards her with a protein shake of hot cum deep down her throat. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby!

● They Couldn’t Wait to Go Back to Her Place! – When this thick and tattooed Latina chick whispered in a dude’s ear at the club, she told him she was an OnlyFans star. He was eager to slide his cock in her by any means and thought his dreams had come true when she invited him back to her place. However, once outside the club, it soon became apparent that she couldn’t wait. She invites him to spread her legs on the hood of a nearby car and tongue her Latina pussy deep before fucking outdoors in the early hours. It’s a short clip, but it’s sure as hell sweet!

● The Changing Room Is as Good a Place as Any to Get a Facial! – Most chicks love shopping, but this girl loves it for an entirely different reason than most. The reason is that her boyfriend often follows her into the changing room to whip her up a milkshake of semen, and he ensures it’s mixed in the back of her throat. Midway through trying on different outfits, she drops to her knees and receives a hearty blast of hot jizz all over her face and exposed tits. I have no idea how she will clean that off, but that’s her problem now!



The Design of the Platform

While shares many similarities to well-known social media platforms, there are a lot of other design aspects to this platform that makes it unique. Now, let’s take a look at some of them!



The main focal point of is the video player that dominates the entire screen. Everything else is laid out over this, such as the header bar at the top of the site that hosts the logo and main menu. uses a generic logo that is a copy of that used by a primary porn site, just with the colors changed. Lame. The main menu directs you to some of the platform’s main features, such as adding your own content, a portfolio of creators, a forum, a pictures category, and a video section.


On the video section itself, a vertical menu on the right-hand side allows you to scroll through content using arrow buttons and a profile button to access more of the uploader’s content, like, share, and comment buttons.



What I Like Most About it

While it was overall hit and miss, there are at least some wank-worthy pieces of short-form porn clips to be found on I particularly liked the clip mentioned above of the Latina club slut being banged over the hood of a car because her pussy juices oozing over the metal car exterior looked hot as fuck!



I also liked how has tried to expand from its role as a TikTok-style porn platform by adding an on-site forum for its users to take advantage of. This is a great way to allow users to discuss porn and build up a community around the site in the meantime. However, there was also a significant issue with this, which I’ll cover in the next section.



What I Don’t Like

Ok, let’s talk about the giant elephant in the room first. When I loaded up, I was greeted with a very unwelcoming message that the site had been taken down due to issues with their hosting. Oh, shit! Instead, I had to look up the site on the Wayback Machine and review it from there until they got their ass back online. That shit is not cool, my dudes.



Also, some blatant design flaws on the site are exceptionally easy to fix, but they haven’t been. An example is the duplicate links to the site’s forum in the main menu. I mean, how the fuck does that go unmissed for so long?


I wasn’t impressed with the logo of, either. There’s so much choice in logos out there these days, and there’s no excuse to lazily copy the logo of one of the world’s biggest porn sites and merely change the color. Where’s the originality?



Suggestions I Have for

Well, this one goes without saying, but the people behind should get their shit together and get their site back online. This is far from an optimal way to explore a site, making it look poorly organized. The risk of your site going offline for extended periods shouldn’t even be an option.



Also, be more alert about design flaws in the site, especially when they’re so easy to fix. For many new arrivals, the sight of duplicate links in the site’s main menu will instantly earmark the site as being amateur and poorly run, likely causing them to head elsewhere for their TikTok-style porn needs.


The site logo could also do with a redesign. Hire a freelance logo designer who can whip up a custom logo that sums up what your platform is all about. The current rip-off of a prominent porn tube logo really isn’t a good look and doesn’t make the site look unique or original at all.




Well, it was neither accessible outside of the Wayback Machine, and the number of cons sure as hell outweighed the pros. I was excited to try out this TikTok-style porn platform at first, but things quickly went to shit as soon as I tried to load it up. For these reasons, I can’t recommend to my fellow porn fans.

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