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Extra Naughty

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Extra Naughty

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When something is described as Extra Naughty, I usually get the feeling it’s going to be right up my alley. Hell, you could slap the description on damn near anything and I’m sold. Extra naughty Chinese lunch specials? Let’s eat! Extra naughty karaoke? I’m singing! Extra naughty mobile carrier plans? Sign me up and let’s look at some porno! Your grandma might have described you as naughty for stealing cookies off the counter, but damn near everybody else thinks of sex when they hear the word.


Wouldn’t that be a bitch if turned out to be a reform school for disobedient hooligans? Don’t worry, my dudes, because I wouldn’t be reviewing that shit here at NoLimitsFun. This next joint has exactly the theme you were expecting, as it’s a new adult content platform where models can hawk their own homebrew smut. OnlyFans knockoffs are a dime a dozen these days, but how many of them are real contenders for the throne? I couldn’t wait to take a closer look and see if this one measures up.



Let’s Get Extra Naughty

At a glance, I initially thought ExtraNaughty was another TikTok-style free tube. Much of the front page is devoted to vertical thumbnails for a ton of free short sex videos. I honestly fell down the rabbit hole with these at the start of my visit, surfing between topless lip sync clips, cocksucking MILFs, babes masturbating in the bathtub or taking intense cowgirl rides on their boyfriends.



A couple of my biggest complaints about OnlyFans and its many competitors is the lack of freebies and inability to really search or browse for new creators. crushes these weaknesses right from the front page with all that free content, which you don’t even have to sign in to start watching. If you find a clip you like, tap the Follow button just like you would on any other social media site.


The free video setup here is probably going to be the main draw for a lot of users, especially the cheapskates with no intention of busting out their wallets. The setup works particularly well on mobile, where you can rapidly swipe through videos with your thumb while you’re jacking off in the office restroom. The free video interface is as fast and accessible as TikTok, but much easier to fap to.


I hinted at this above, but damn, there’s a great range of amateur and professional content here, and it’s well organized. It’s mostly solo content, like most OnlyFans clones, but I’d estimate about a third of it consists of beautiful women fucking with men and with each other. Tagging is very well implemented, meaning is going to be a hell of a lot easier to search for your preferred masturbatory content than on OnlyFans. I’m already impressed, and I haven’t even signed up for an account yet!



Hey, I Know That Babe!

Signup for is quick, free and easy. After spending a few seconds setting up my account, I started following my favorite creators. If I have one complaint about the general setup, it’s that they don’t seem to have the usual custom feed you find on most of these platforms. I thought I was building my feed by clicking Follow, but it only put my favorite creators on my Following page. The site is still very new, so hopefully they’ll roll out this standard feature soon.



As I poked around in search of the most beautiful women, I saw a ton of famous faces. Extra Naughty has a high percentage of established pornstars compared to some of the other platforms. I even saw a few of the women I’ve banged on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Natasha Nice, Erin Everheart, and Chanel Camyrn. NaughtyAmerica has an official presence here, and they’re posting some top-shelf fap fodder.


ExtraNaughty is clearly still building up their roster, because in these early days of the service, it ain’t all that big. There are only a few dozen Extra Naughty Creators as of this writing, which is a mild bummer. They’re offering the same 80% payout as OnlyFans, but hopefully they’ve got some other model benefits to bring more into the fold.


Many of the shelves are still empty, too. ExtraNaughty offers Video On Demand (VOD), but the pickings are still pretty slim. As of this writing, only 10 of those Creators I mentioned have their own stores on the site. The price tags I saw on scenes ranged from a buck to a tenner, which is on par with any OnlyFans wannabe. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but I love how fucking easy these videos are to find; at OnlyFans, I wouldn’t have found jack shit unless I already knew the names of the models.



Got Something to Say, Pervert?

Nickey Huntsman is one of the handful of creators who already has VOD available at ExtraNaughty, with a couple different Jack Off Instruction videos available for ten bucks a pop. Her whole profile is one of my favorite pages on the website, thanks to her gorgeous face, smoking hot body, and the wealth of free videos to shake my dick at. The current spread includes 19 videos, 17 of which you can enjoy without pumping any quarters into the machine.



To watch the last two, however, you’re going to have to subscribe to Nickey’s ExtraNaughty profile. It’s ten bucks a month, which seems pretty steep when there’s only two premium vids so far, but there is another perk included with subscriptions here: direct messaging with your favorite creators.


As with OnlyFans, one of the biggest gimmicks here is that sense of intimacy that you just don’t get with your average paysite or free tube. Most pornstars ain’t spending their days revisiting their every scene on the web, reading the comments and replying, no matter how much some of you wish that was the case. Here, you can slide directly into those DMs, provided you can afford the monthly fee.


I did run into some minor navigational issues with the ExtraNaughty chat window. The page seems to kind of freeze up in Chrome, and the buttons at the top don’t work. Again, this is a very new site, so this is probably just a new site hiccup that’ll be remedied soon.



Let’s Watch More Free Porn

As I wrap up my Extra Naughty review, I’ve made my way back to that free video feed. The free stuff constitutes the vast majority of the library at this point, with almost 1400 sexy clips to whack off to. This early in the game, it feels like ExtraNaughty is a TikTok-type porn site with some OnlyFans featured attached, rather than the other way around. Even if the proportions swap with time, I think the free videos are an excellent way to build their fanbase, especially this early in the game. It’s the same tried and true formula you find on porn sites in every genre: hook your customers on the free stuff, and then offer something even better for a few bucks.



The stash of premium content may be understocked now, but no shit, this is one of the more promising OnlyFans clones I’ve seen yet. The free videos let you explore the creators in a way that you just can’t with the big OF, transforming discovery from a painstaking process to a fun one you can perform with your one free hand. All they have to do is get a bigger spread of models on board, and then there’s a good chance this one’ll go big.


Those freebies also make a very easy recommendation for anybody who likes porn, even if you don’t give a shit about the VOD, model subscriptions or direct messaging. The interface is fast and intuitive, straight-up blasting those free porn clips at you with every flick of your finger. I’d say start there, and then start subscribing to your favorite models if you see they’re posting on the regular. This one’s only going to get better with time.

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