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I feel like Waptap deserves some kind of award for coming up with such a clever name. Even before I’d clicked the link in my inbox, that sing-songy rhythm and rhyme gave me a pretty good idea what I’d be seeing inside. This ain’t the first TikTok-style porn site I’ve seen that tried to replicate the catchiness of the title, but I think they nailed it in a way the other guys just haven’t. My only hope was that they’d done the actual format just as much justice as they’d done with the branding.


If you’ve been on the internet at all over the last couple years, you probably know what’s on the menu, too. serves up short little dirty movies by the bundle, much like an X-rated version of TikTok. The domain has actually been around since before the video-sharing app came to prominence, but obviously, now is their time to shine. They’re getting around 50,000 visitors a month recently, and I frankly didn’t need any more encouragement to join the crowd. Who’s with me?



Flicking Through the Fucks

Before they start throwing the naked ladies at you, Waptap treats visitors to the same type of Adults Only warning screen you find on a lot of free tubes and paysites. Their logo is a dripping popsicle, which could be interpreted as something wholesome if we didn’t know any better. The motto is “Freedom to be yourself,” which makes me feel right at home, especially since I’m at home right now with my pants around my ankles. This shit wouldn’t fly at Starbucks, as I’ve learned the hard way.



The very first thing I saw after the 18+ warning was a short video loop of a thick-ass goth girl twerking. I unmuted the clip to see her booty shaking to the beat of the music. “You can drain your balls inside me if you eat me before it, deal?” she wrote in the little description, and there’s an OnlyFans watermark in case I want to go see more of this chick. I just might.


If you’ve ever used TikTok or any of its pornographic clones, the interface is going to feel incredibly familiar here. It looks and feels a hell of lot like the app that inspired it, with a few icons along the side to Like, Share, Follow or Comment. At the bottom are a few more familiar buttons, including an unexpected Chat option. I certainly appreciate this, as most adult TikTok clones have not included a way of contacting the creators.


Nearly every site on the web has been mobile friendly for at least the last decade, but Waptap is one that’s truly optimized for mobile in a way the free tubes aren’t capable of. Between the vertical vids and the simple interface, this is a great fit for a lunch break fap with your phone in the restroom. Just tell the boss you’ve got to take a huge shit.



OnlyFans Models, Cosplay Cuties and BDSM Doms

After gawking at the big-booty goth girl for a few minutes while I typed these words with my free hand, I started swiping through the selection. In a matter of seconds, I’d seen a hijab-wearing babe with a buttplug and her tits out, a montage from a softcore BDSM movie, jiggly titty Dva cosplay, an Asian stripper twerking, and a blindfolded chick in fishnets making educated guesses about dildos.



There’s a fucking awesome range of XXX content here, all available at a flick of the finger. I clicked the magnifying glass icon to make my way to Waptap’s Search area, which offered Top and Trending creators, as well as a spread of hashtags like #boobs, #ass, #solo, #milf and #blowjob. The stash leans heavily toward solo content since it’s largely OnlyFans models, but you’ll see some hardcore clips pop up as you’re flicking through.


This is a well-organized collection, utilizing tags to make sure fans can find exactly what they’re looking to beat off to today. The first wave of TikTok-style porn sites often half-assed the presentation, leading to so many disorganized libraries without any kind of tagging at all. At, you’re not going to have any trouble getting to your preferred aisle.


It’s worth mentioning that I have my content settings showing me women at the explicit end of the scale. You’ve also got the option of looking at men or trans/unicorns, and can even go fully SFW if that’s how you’re feeling today. I’m not sure why you’d do that on a porn site, but hey, we all have different sexual needs and wants.


If I have one small complaint about the setup, it’s that you can’t currently follow your favorite tags. One of the main things that makes the real TikTok so fucking addictive is how those algorithms figure out what you’re into and just keep feeding you more of it. With a registered account, I can follow my favorite models, and I’m hopeful they unroll tag following at some point in the future.


The good news is that you can find worthwhile creators to follow by searching for those tags. I pulled up the #bigass selection, which gave me a phat spread of juicy models to add to my own personal stack. I’m not sure exactly how Waptap curates your general Feed out front, but the dropdown menu at the top of the screen will also let you tune in to girls you’re Following, New stuff, and Liked Videos.


A lot of these TikTok porn sites are just scraping the internet for any short-form porno clips they can find. One of the things I like about is that they’ve done a good job enticing models onto their platform, so you end up with a lot of creators posting their own content. I’ve seen neckbeards on Reddit complaining about free content when it basically amounts to OnlyFans advertising, but I strongly prefer this over sites full of dudes just posting their favorite videos.



One-Fingered Interface for Easy Porn Perusal

One of the data points I look for when I’m reviewing any type of porn site is how much content they have available. This is easy enough with a tube or paysite, where you can just do some simple math if they haven’t got a number listed somewhere. Because of Waptap’s TikTok-style setup, I can only really guess at the size and scope of the library. There are easily thousands of short sex clips here, but I can’t tell you much more than that.



On the same note, I can’t tell you how fast the platform is growing since upload dates aren’t listed anywhere. Given the growing number of users, it’s safe to say the library is expanding by the day. Again, I’m afraid I just can’t get any more specific than that.


I can tell you I didn’t see any videos repeat themselves as I swiped, swiped again and swiped some more. I saw Asians in Wednesday cosplay, girls riding enormous horse cock dildos, and pink-haired nymphettes shaking their boobies for the camera. I saw each of these chicks exactly one time, except in cases where I followed a model and went back for more.


And you know what’s fucking amazing? I probably watched hundreds of short little porn clips today, and I didn’t see any spam at all. I’m using an adblocker and I recommend everyone do the same, but they’re rarely foolproof. I was expecting some popups or unskippable ads in place of a video every so often, but that didn’t happen. That only makes the whole thing even more accessible.


Accessibility is one of the main perks here, too. They’ve done an awesome job aping the TikTok format, serving up non-stop, rapid-fire porno without anything to get in your way. Between the format and the content itself, this one’s an easy winner.


If I had to choose between TikTok and, I wouldn’t have to spend any time considering it. These guys absolutely nail that instant delivery, but they’re serving up fap fodder instead of the usual SFW viral challenges, bullshit “pranks” and godawful reaction videos. You’ll know right away whether Waptap is for you, so just give it a few seconds and see how it makes you feel. Be warned: you might end up flicking through videos all day.

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