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I consider a good TitFap to be among my favorite activities, up there with AssJacks, ClitWanks, FootTugs and MouthJerks. Really, I love masturbating to all the beautiful parts of a lovely lady. Despite the title, this next joint features a little bit of everything when it comes to gorgeous naked women—not just their boobies!


You may have already guessed from the sing-songy title, but offers short, free, rapid-fire porn clips a lot like TikTok, but a lot sexier. As addictive as the real thing can be to your girlfriend and her gibbering crotchfruits, TikTok is a little too SFW for the jaded masturbators in the audience. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to lube up and start flicking through the pile. Let me tell you what I found.



Short Sex Films by the Thousands

In case you missed it, I reviewed the main website a while back here at ThePornDude. The short version is that they’re a solid free porn tube, stocked with vids from some of the biggest brands in the business. The tube gets close to a million visits a month, which is respectable as hell to say the least. is a newer invention and still picking up steam. It’s not quite as jam-packed with content as their tube, but unlike most of the TikTok porn sites I’ve reviewed, they actually include a count to tell you just how much porn is inside. As of this writing, they’ve got just over 5,000 short little sex movies in the stash. I wish I could tell you how fast they were building that library, but the streamlined format doesn’t include upload dates anywhere.


It’s kind of funny how many websites still brag about being mobile friendly, because pretty much everything has looked good on your phone or tablet for the last decade or so. I rarely mention it when I’m reviewing sites, but TitFap’s Fap machine stands out because it’s even more mobile friendly than most sites. The desktop version offers some keyboard shortcuts for easy viewing, but the vertical format and interface makes the mobile version feel and function just like the more wholesome app it’s imitating.


They really nail the format, too. The first thing I saw when I pulled up was a buxom blonde whipping out her enormous titties with a smile. I flicked the screen and she was replaced by a gamer girl getting fucked from behind with a controller in her hand and a headset on her head. That was followed by stripteasing redheads, booby-flashing 18+ teens, thick girls masturbating, and chicks flashing coochies out in the woods.


There’s a wide and wonderful range of perversion going on, offering a little something for damn near everyone save the most deep-niche fetishists. TitFap’s TikTok section is better organized than a lot of the competition, too. I’ve seen a number of these sites that don’t use any tagging at all, so you’re basically stuck flipping through random material until you find something you like. Here, tapping the Tag icon will bring up a search bar and a menu of keywords like Public, MILF, Anal, and Blowjob. What do you want to fap to today?



Swiping Through Piles of Porno

As with TikTok, you can tap the heart icon to add a Like to your favorite videos. Unlike TikTok, however, I don’t think your likes help train the algorithms on what to serve you next. There’s currently no way to sign up for an account and set up your preferences, though it’s still possible they’re using cookies to customize your experience.



Whatever the case, I fell quickly down the rabbit hole. I was swiping through cocksucking blondes, twerking Latinas and lactating MILFs spraying boob juice all over the place, witnessing something sexy and new every couple seconds. It’s a little more random that beating off to a free tube, but the fast-paced nature of the service makes that randomness fun. If you’re not crazy about a clip, just swipe to the next one. If you find one that drives you wild, just linger on it as long as you want.


You can even download your favorite TitFap TikTok movies with one simple click. Downloads ain’t even a given anymore on paysites, and a lot of tubes with the feature make you register an account and look at some spam before you save anything. TitFap offers direct downloads, so it really doesn’t get any easier to build your own offline library.


By default, TitFap loops every dirty little porn clip until you swipe the screen. For a truly hands-free experience, you can also put it in Auto mode. That’ll play clip after clip after clip, just serving it up nonstop while you crank away in the Starbucks restroom. I’m typing this up on my laptop with TitFap running on Auto on my phone, and this is my third hour working on this paragraph. I’ll finish it soon, but first I’ve got a few hundred short doggystyle, threesome and BDSM videos to watch.


The longer I watched, the kinkier things seemed to get. Sure, most of it was relatively vanilla tit flashing, dick sucking and pussy nailing, but I’d occasionally get something really kinky, like femdom hypnosis or intense hardcore spanking. A sexy chubby girl in fishnets appeared on my screen, and I was enjoying the show until she puked on herself. You know what they say: different strokes for different folks!



No Spam, Just Porn—Lots of It!

I lost track of time as I swiped through TitFap’s horny cougars, curvy S&M enthusiasts, sexy cosplay girls and masochistic mamas. One thing I noticed is that the videos really seem like they’ve been uploaded by the models themselves. A lot of these TikTok porn sites just scrape their content from wherever they can find it, which results in a jumbled library. Whenever I clicked on a username on, I found more of that babe’s material.



That made me want my own TitFap account even more. The overall setup is pretty fucking close to perfect, but personal accounts would help us deviates set up custom feeds and follow our favorite creators on the platform. Hopefully they’ve got something like that in the works, but for now, I’m just bookmarking my favorite vids in my web browser.


You know what else I love? I didn’t see any spam at all during my fap test of TitFap’s TikTok porn. I always run an adblocker, of course, but those plugins can be hit or miss depending on the day and the site. Adblockers don’t seem to work nearly as well on mobile, but the mobile version of this site is clean as a whistle, at least as far as spam is concerned. In other respects, it’s absolutely filthy.


My only real complaint is just that I had some navigation issues with the desktop version of the platform. Since it’s all so new, I’m guessing these are just growing pains they’ll work out shortly. In the meantime, I’d recommend browsing on mobile, or just be ready to refresh the page if it freezes up on you. It ain’t going to slow down your fap sessions too bad, especially when more vids are just a moment away.


As I wrap up this review, I’ve put that smut delivery service back in Auto mode. I’m faced with a never-ending stream of ass-eating Asians, sexed-up variations of Princess Peach, booty-jiggling ebony goddesses and doggystyle scenes shot by the lucky dude doing the pounding. I can’t get over how efficient the system is, effortlessly feeding me a new bit of fresh filth every few seconds. is an easy recommendation to anybody who loves the addictive nature of TikTok’s shotgun approach to video delivery, but who would prefer a much sexier blast of assorted clips. They’ve done the form justice here, packing it full of the kind of content perverts like us crave. It’s a newer platform but already has a respectable volume of material to throw your way, so I’m eager to see how quickly it grows and what new features they roll in as time goes on. The show starts as soon as you pull up the site, so give it a few seconds and see how well it hooks you.

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